Tips to Make Your Puppy Healthy and Happy

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When you bring a new puppy into your family you’re taking on a lot of responsibility. Caring for a new puppy involves meticulous attention to their health and wellbeing. Here are important tips to give your puppy a great start in life that you should start thinking about before you bring home your furry bundle of joy.

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Start Training Early

Start training your puppy as soon as reasonably possible. It’s a good way to bond with your puppy while keeping him or her mentally stimulated. Remember that you’ll need to be very patient. Puppies won’t magically pick up everything that they need to learn right away. Some breeds are more trainable than others. Even some highly intelligent dogs may be resistant to training. For the most part, however, smart dog breeds are easier to train. Shepherds and labs are highly trainable and are popular choices as service canines. 

A breeder may be a good resource for information about training.  If you’re looking for german shepherd puppies for sale Miami, reach out to a breeder who can offer you some practical insight into what training this breed is like.

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Get Pet Insurance

Puppies need a lot of medical attention within their first year. They will need to get several rounds of vaccinations and also go through deworming. It may be necessary to see the vet every few weeks over the first few months. Pet insurance can help to pay for all of the essential care that your puppy needs in order to grow up healthy and strong.

Ultimately, you and your new family member may need some time to get used to each other. A puppy is much like a toddler insofar as they are full of energy and may become easily fussy or frustrated. Be patient, give your puppy a fulfilling environment, and show him or her lots of love.

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