The Perfection of Making the Remix Songs for You

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We see and hear it more and more often: couples who put together a mix for an opening dance. Are you also planning to make a mix for the opening dance yourself? Then use these tips and make sure that your mix is ​​an amazing success!

Choose simple software to create the mix

Super professional software is not only expensive, but also unnecessarily complicated for these kinds of purposes. Fortunately, there are free alternatives with which you can make an excellent mix! For example, there is Audacity for Windows and Mac. You can also make a mix on your tablet or phone. For iOS there is for Android you have, for example, online Audio Editor. There are tutorials about these apps on YouTube. Do not worry: you do not have to know everything about these apps. The basis is sufficient. Look, for example, how you put tracks in succession, how to shorten numbers and how to make 1 file of your songs. A visit to happens to be important there.

Choose songs that suit you

Do not take songs that you do not feel comfortable with, even if they may be doing well with the audience. Feel free to get inspired, for example on YouTube, but the 1 to 1 imitation of a dance is absolutely not a must and can lead to great frustrations. Sometimes they are trained dancers or people who simply have more talent for dancing. Adjust the dance, leave difficult parts and make your own thing. After all, it is your opening dance! More general tips for the opening dance can be found in this blog .

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Do not choose too many numbers

Actually, a number or 5 is sufficient. Even mixes with 2 or 3 numbers can be very successful. More numbers in an opening mix is ​​not necessarily better. Rather 3 songs that are fun and suitable than 13 without any idea behind it. Moreover, making a long opening mix takes a lot more time. An opening dance that takes too long often causes the audience to lose attention. It would be a pity if half of the people with your back to you to stand to chat further, while you are still dancing! An opening mix of a minute or 5 is long enough. Opening dances longer than 10 minutes often cause the focus to disappear from the audience.

Do not make it too difficult

We cannot say this often enough. Difficult doing is not necessary for a nice opening dance! For example, try not to mix songs if it does not sound and if you have no experience with them. Songs can have different tempos and styles to mix with each other. For example, you cannot easily mix a R & B number with a dance number. You can make these kind of transitions easier with a sound effect. For example, look for free sounds from a DJ backspin, scratch, wind or a sound of waves. With these kinds of sounds you might be able to make a nice transition easier. It may also be different sounds or effects. Google once on ‘free sounds’ and grab something that sounds fun.

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