The Four Best Upgrades for Your Glock

Fodor Mauer/ July 2, 2020/ General Article/ 0 comments

Known for their efficient, user-friendly design, Glocks have become one of the most popular guns in the United States. They are light, durable, and easy to aim. Despite their already great engineering, there are some fantastic Glock upgrades you can make to your weapon. Here’s four to get you started.

The Four Best Upgrades for Your Glock


The Glock is known to have a bit of a gritty trigger feel. If you want something with a smoother pull, consider replacing the trigger. Glock trigger upgrades can include changing out the entire action, or just adding a trigger connector for an easier, quick fix. Be sure to compare different triggers to find the one that gives you the crisp, clean pull you’re looking for.


Whether you decide to go with an extended barrel or the traditional length, you can gain an edge in shooting competitions with a new barrel. There are many different features to consider, such as button rifling to improve accuracy or a longer barrel to increase the sight radius. Drop-in barrels are easy to install and you can choose between barrels designed for plated, lead, or jacketed ammunition.

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Upgrade your Glock to a nice pair of night sights and you’ll love the difference in low light shooting. While night sights aren’t always necessary or even the best choice, if your Glock is your defensive firearm, night sights will improve your ability to hit the target under imperfect conditions.

Mag Releases

This is an inexpensive upgrade that can make a big difference. Some Glock owners struggle with the mag release and have to lose grip to change magazines. An extended mag release allows your thumb to reach the release easily. No hand repositioning required. 

Glocks are a quality, versatile weapon. With just a few basic upgrades you can truly make them your own. 

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