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CUSTOM RUGS… A blog to inspire you, the interior designer, to produce custom rugs for your consumers which add warmth, space definition, color, texture and pattern to a area. Art as therapy” embodies the concept that art creating is, in and of itself, therapeutic and that the creative approach is a growth-generating practical experience. In contrast, not that significantly hard data has emerged however to prove that art therapy helps persons with mental illness or resolves interpersonal troubles. Men and women, couples, families and groups can all advantage from many art therapy formats. Art therapy counselors work with individuals of all ages: children, adolescents, adults, couples, households, groups, and communities.

More importantly, art therapy is proving itself to be an successful intervention in enhancing all round quality of life and perceptions of wellness. They come into the field with a strong background in art and psychology, and study therapeutic uses of art and counseling abilities at the master’s level. Art therapy is expanding and the skilled, academic and analysis foundation is expanding. These programs and their practitioners are efficient transform-agents in their personal proper and generally make the similar outcomes as these applications defined as art as therapy.

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