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Paper – In watercolor painting, the high quality of the paper matters as much as the good quality of the colour. Later he engaged in oil paintings making in New York and held private exhibitions in Washington, New York, Tokyo and other areas. Through the 60-70 Chen Yifei produced The Yellow River”, Occupied the Presidential Hall , Strolling” and other well-recognized fantastic oil paintings, which let him stand out from artists of the identical age. An amusing activity that is enjoyed by each adults and young children and is also a good entertaining activity is face painting and to go about it you will surely want fantastic quality and skin friendly Face Paint Supplies.

These supplies are obtainable at crafts retailers, bookstores, and shops delivering full celebration favor for you and the tiny angels who take element in a variety of fun activities. Mr. He Jiancheng, who was born in July, 1957 in Guangzhou city, and was graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1987 and gained a postgraduate degree in the Oil Painting Division. At present he is teach at the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and acted as an associate professor.

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