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Valentine’s Day is a holiday when you can show how much you love someone else, and what better way to show your love than with a gift basket? Since it’s a holiday filled with love and fun, take these ideas to the baskets that you make instead of just including a box of chocolate or a flower. Try to come up with a theme for your basket, such as a fishing theme that involves items that talk about being hooked on the other person.

If you have several people to make holiday gift baskets for, you can get small red or pink pails to use as a container. Put a small piece of foam in the pail. Stick a Valentine’s balloon into the foam so that it’s in the middle of the pail. Attach small packages of candy to craft sticks that you can then position around the balloon. The sticks can be placed in the foam so that they don’t move.

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A basket that has a little more elegance would be one that’s white with a red ribbon along the top edge. Add a bear, a wine glass or two, and a small bottle of wine for someone who would enjoy a relaxing evening. You can also put a nice box of chocolates and bubble bath in the basket. Another idea would be to wrap a robe around a basket that includes spa items, such as bubble bath, a beauty mask, fingernail polish, and lotion.

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Make a fun gift basket with a variety of candies that the person would enjoy. These can include chocolate hearts or sour candies if you’re making the basket for a child. A toolbox can be used as the container for a male with peanuts, BBQ sauce, an alcoholic beverage, and a few other items that he can use for the upcoming spring season.

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