Redoing Your Rental Property to Bring In Steady Income

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Managing a rental property comes with advantages like a steady source of income. If, however, you’re having trouble keeping up with the competition in your area, you may need to make some changes to make your property the most desirable.

Rental Property

Redo the Floors

Floors take a lot of abuse, and if the previous several tenants had children or dogs, you may find that the floors bore the brunt of that. While you’re between renters, this might be the time to redo the flooring to make it sparkly and new. If you’re trying to attract a more high-end renter, consider putting in hardwood base shoe flooring Long Beach CA to create a luxurious classy look. If the neighborhood attracts young families, stick with something easy to clean like laminate.

Upgrade the Window Coverings

The standard window coverings on rentals and apartments are plastic miniblinds that break easily. The upside is that they can be purchased at any discount store and replaced inexpensively. The problem is that they look cheap. To attract a more look-conscious clientele to your rental property, begin replacing the miniblinds with shutters. You may not be able to afford to do them all at once as they do tend to be pricey. Start with the front of the house and add them to the master bedroom to get the most bang for your buck.

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Create Curb Appeal

It’s usually easy to tell which houses on the blocks are rentals because of their lack of landscaping (and sometimes overgrown lawn). It doesn’t take much effort to plant a few colorful flowers in the front beds or around the trees. A little bit of landscaping goes a long way to create a positive first impression. That positive impression will lead to more interest in your property.

Making sure your property is steadily leased is not necessarily about having the cheapest rent in the neighborhood. Creating a rental that feels special and well cared for is the most important factor.

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