Protect Your Acoustic Guitar from Temperature and Humidity

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If you own Musical instruments Laurel, Md it is important to understand how to properly care and maintain them. Acoustic guitars have some specific care and maintenance requirements.

Acoustic guitars are the perfect instrument for the budding musician.  Guitars range in cost from learner guitars to high-end custom guitars and every price in between. Regardless of the price of the guitar, it must be protected from damage due to temperature and humidity.

Acoustic Guitar


Because of the thin woods used in construction of acoustic guitars, they are very susceptible to temperature and humidity. The thin woods expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity.

The best protection for a guitar is a hard shell guitar case. The guitar should be kept in a case when not being played. This will protect and insulate the instrument from rapid changes in temperature and humidity.  If the instrument does get cold, it should be left in its case when brought inside and allowed to warm up slowly to prevent finish cracks.

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If the guitar is left out for display, it should be placed where it cannot be bumped and tipped over and located away from heat or cold air registers to minimize rapid changes in temperature.


Humidity can be an enemy of your instrument. If you live in a low humidity environment and your guitar is not properly humidified, the woods can contract and cause cracking or warping over time. An inexpensive humidifier can be placed into the guitar sound hole or placed in the guitar case to raise the humidity. 

Gradual increases in humidity are not usually harmful, however rapid changes cause the woods to expand and can loosen glue joints.  Inexpensive dehumidifier packs can be placed in the guitar case or a dehumidifier can be installed in the home HVAC system.  The overall goal should be to avoid rapid changes in temperature or humidity.

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