Keep Out of Hot Water With Timely Industrial Boiler Inspections

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Industrial Boiler

Many homeowners know that they need to have their steam boilers inspected and maintained regularly. Industrial boilers require the same diligence. If your business is heated by one, you can cut down on costs by having it serviced annually. To prevent unexpected fees when services become due, throughout the year perform extra preventative maintenance as follows.


The water you feed the boiler is like food you ingest yourself. The cleaner what goes in, the better. Whether your water is supplying your building’s industrial boiler pumps or its cooling tower pumps NYC, you should perform regular testing. Look for minerals and other deposits; these excess minerals, components of hard water, can corrode and clog the system. Consider treating, or softening, the water before it enters your systems.


Check the insulation surrounding the main tank and pipes. Inspect for any sections that are fraying or missing. Inadequately insulated boilers will have to work extra hard to make up for inefficient heat losses. If you find no insulation at all, consider applying it where possible. Doing so is not only critical for reducing energy bills, but it is a safety step; exposed pipes become dangerously hot during operations.

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During your insulation inspection look for signs of dampness on the padding. Look for puddles if the insulation is soaked or where there is no insulation in place. Pay attention to any external rust or corrosion on the pipes, especially at bends and where two pieces connect. Since even a small crack or split seam will grow, take care of leaks before they lead to a lengthy shutdown and costly repair.

Routinely inspecting your company’s steam- heat system and testing its water should be a routine part of your operations. During the process, take notes and keep a log. That attention to detail will pay off when you use it to guide your main annual inspection.

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