Fresh Ideas for Christmas Celebrations

Fodor Mauer/ October 8, 2019/ Home Art/ 0 comments

Are you tired of celebrating Christmas the same way every year? Would you like some fresh ideas to change up your decorations, or perhaps new ways to give gifts? Here are a few ways you can keep the Christmas spirit in your home while changing up the way you celebrate.


Before electricity was widely used, people arranged candles around their homes. It gave a warm glow to their surroundings and candles are often still depicted as icons of Christmas. Since it’s not practical anymore to leave candles burning all night, why not try an electric candolier? These nifty devices simulate the look and feel of real candles, without the fire hazard. You can place them in your windows all night and not worry about them, and they look absolutely charming as part of a holiday decorating plan.


Perhaps you’re tired of using the same colors or decorations, period. In this case, consider using a completely new theme for your home. For example, if you live by the beach, why not try a color scheme with blues and greens, using shells and driftwood to make decorative items? Or maybe you and your family love superheroes. You could create an entire theme around superheroes wearing Santa hats!

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This part of modern Christmas celebrations is probably the most stress-inducing. People have come to expect tons of gifts every year, but is this really necessary? Many might argue that it’s really the gathering of family and friends that’s more important than spending thousands of dollars giving gifts. If this is the case for your family, try something different this year. Give gifts according to a specific theme, or agree to have each family member donate to charity.

However you celebrate, there are many ways to change it up and even make new traditions. Try new things this year and have some fun with your loved ones making new holiday memories.

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