Federal Government Disaster Preparedness

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Disasters strike sometimes with little or no warning. The enormous forces of nature can play out in human affairs in tragic and devastating ways. These take the forms of massive hurricanes, tornados, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to name but a few. Preparations to face and deal with the consequences of these events is a formidable job that is undertaken by emergency preparedness organizations around the globe.

Disaster Preparedness

An army of employees and volunteers are standing by if some unforeseen catastrophic event takes place. Whether maintaining emergency equipment for west coast operations in California or keeping a fleet of coast guard vessels ready in the gulf coast region these are fearless heroes.

The United States Government, Department of Homeland Security is responsible for general operational coordination of federal government responses in the event of an emergency. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) resides within this department and FEMA’s Administrator oversees several agencies.

Mission Support

This division of FEMA handles the necessary day to day operations regarding business management services. Mission Support also handles the various necessary organizational functions that support the agency’s overall mission.

U.S. Fire Administration

The Fire Administration maintains the necessary resources and capabilities to respond to fire-related emergencies. Responsibility for managing emergency medical services also resides within this part of FEMA’s organization

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Regional Administration

The United States and territories are divided into 10 different regional geographic areas for which this division of FEMA is responsible. Regional Administrators for each of these areas provide leadership within their respective organizations to aid in coordinating responses and handling the communications necessary to keep the entire government informed of situational status.

Office of Response and Recovery

This division of FEMA is further subdivided into 4 directorates. These include logistics, recovery, response and field operations. The personnel manning every role within the directorates fulfill the responsibilities necessary to build, sustain and improve the services that save the lives of citizens and work tirelessly to reduce suffering in emergencies.

The organizations within the federal government that deal with emergency preparedness and disaster recovery are vital parts of the nation’s ability to survive and overcome disasters of all kinds. The individuals who man these posts help provide a sense of confidence that emergency situations can be met with an adequate response when needed.

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