Decorating Large Spaces

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If you’ve been charged with decorating a large space for a wedding or conference, it’s a challenge to figure out what exactly will fill spacious venues. Is it better to go big with one focal center point, or spread smaller displays around? An expert consultant can help you figure it out.

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An exciting new trend in event decoration is balloon art, which has grown to mean so much more than a few colored balloons with curly tails tied to a welcome sign. Balloons can provide colorful backdrops behind a speaker’s podium. They can float overhead to essentially “drop” the ceiling in a cavernous hall. Balloons can be sculpted into company logos, historical figures, holiday decorations, animals, flowers and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Balloons can form columns, arches and tunnels. You would be amazed at how far balloon art decoration Toronto has come in the world of event adornment.


Flowers are the staple of event decoration, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring and predictable. Large scale floral arrangements are all about creating drama with height and or color. Single arrangements made from forsythia, for example, are stunning and tall.  Arrangements that focus on long green branches with berries, like cotoneaster shrubs, look dramatic alone or with a few large blooms tucked into the foliage. Professional florists can help you visualize spectacular displays that won’t break the bank.

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Lights and Music

Colored moving lights and synchronized music create excitement without taking up much room at all. These two elements can really fill a large space. Lights that change color and move dramatically about the room will make the room feel alive. Strings of white lights hung from the ceiling and snaking around centerpieces create texture to otherwise simple displays. Lights are a great way to add a decorative element to rooms where all the floor space is needed to accommodate crowds.

Decoration can really impact the feel of the event. It’s important to choose the best elements to create the vibe that fits the occasion.

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