Best NYC Activities For the Babysitter

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Living in New York City makes raising children a challenging task. The cost of living is so high that you have to work a significant amount of income to support your family. There also isn’t as many family friendly activities to keep your kids entertained. With the long hours and limited activities, your babysitter will need to do some brainstorming. Luckily, this list will help her out.

See a Show

One of the most entertaining and easy way to occupy children is to take them to see a Broadway show. Splurge on a night at Broadway. Take them to see a Disney classic like Frozen or The Lion King. You can stop at a fun themed restaurant before the show to create a truly magical night. If you’re looking to save money, take them to a child friendly NY cabaret or children’s show.

Spend Time Outdoors

There is nothing kids love more than catching some fresh air and playing outdoors. Take them to Central Park where they have the freedom to run around and play. Take them to the playground. Bring a kickball and host a game on the field. Have a picnic on the lawn. If you have a full day, take them to one of New York City’s zoos. Walk around and check out the giraffes, tigers and sea lions. Visit Luna Park for a day of high-thrill fun.

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Have an Educational Experience

If you are able to find activities for kids that are educational and enjoyable, you have the best of both worlds. There are plenty of museums that offer interactive and informative experiences for kids. The MET museum has a kids program that hosts story time, children’s classes and an art trek. There are even museums made specifically for children such as Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Children’s Museum of the Arts and Brooklyn’s Children museum.

Whichever activities your babysitter brings your kids to, it’s most important they look after your kids with kindness and responsibility.

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