Protect Your Acoustic Guitar from Temperature and Humidity

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If you own Musical instruments Laurel, Md it is important to understand how to properly care and maintain them. Acoustic guitars have some specific care and maintenance requirements.

Acoustic guitars are the perfect instrument for the budding musician.  Guitars range in cost from learner guitars to high-end custom guitars and every price in between. Regardless of the price of the guitar, it must be protected from damage due to temperature and humidity.

Acoustic Guitar


Because of the thin woods used in construction of acoustic guitars, they are very susceptible to temperature and humidity. The thin woods expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity.

The best protection for a guitar is a hard shell guitar case. The guitar should be kept in a case when not being played. This will protect and insulate the instrument from rapid changes in temperature and humidity.  If the instrument does get cold, it should be left in its case when brought inside and allowed to warm up slowly to prevent finish cracks.

If the guitar is left out for display, it should be placed where it cannot be bumped and tipped over and located away from heat or cold air registers to minimize rapid changes in temperature.


Humidity can be an enemy of your instrument. If you live in a low humidity environment and your guitar is not properly humidified, the woods can contract and cause cracking or warping over time. An inexpensive humidifier can be placed into the guitar sound hole or placed in the guitar case to raise the humidity. 

Gradual increases in humidity are not usually harmful, however rapid changes cause the woods to expand and can loosen glue joints.  Inexpensive dehumidifier packs can be placed in the guitar case or a dehumidifier can be installed in the home HVAC system.  The overall goal should be to avoid rapid changes in temperature or humidity.

Which Natural Gas Strategy Is Right for You?

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Of the traditional energy sources that America and the world rely on to provide heat, light and motion, natural gas has always been seen as a regional commodity. However, once the key was found to unlock oil production from shale in the 1990s, increased oil production led to an oversupply of associated gas produced with every oil barrel pumped and the search was on for new markets.

Natural Gas Strategy

Soon the market turned to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and opportunities for international trading were opened. As a result, new strategies for investing in this clean burning fuel, including those offered at gas trading company Sugar Land TX, have become available.

Investment Alternatives

Among the most popular investments include:

  • Natural gas futures: Traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, gas futures are based on delivery at Henry Hub, in Louisiana, and settled in volume units of 10,000 million Btu.
  • Natural gas options: Contracts for options on gas futures are also traded on the CME and carry a strike price above which the option posts a gain after covering the purchase premium.
  • Natural gas EFTs: These exchange traded funds are bought and sold as shares like equities but include a mix of companies. Some also include leveraged buys on the commodity and carry greater volatility risks.
  • Natural gas shares: Direct investment in natural gas producers and mid-stream operators. While gas equities can provide leverage into the gas market, other factors such as regional demand, regulations and company management should be considered.
  • Natural gas CFDs: These broker-managed investment instruments are known as a contract for derivative. Contracts are based on the difference in the current price of natural gas or gas shares and the price at the time of purchase and allow the investor to speculate on price movement without purchasing futures, options or shares.

Opportunities to leverage increased gas demand, as a hedge against inflation and a weak U.S. dollar and to diversify a portfolio may be found with investments in natural gas.

3 Guidelines for Purchasing Guns Online

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You are now able to purchase firearms online from many stores. Often, when you purchase a gun online, it will ship to a store near you. Then, you will need to go pick it up after meeting any requirements. Be sure to follow these guidelines for a smooth online shopping experience.

1. Placing an Order

The first thing you will need to do is peruse the shop’s available firearm selection. When you find one you like, you will hit the order online option. You will be asked to enter your zip code and choose the store location closest to you. Remember that ordering your firearms online does not give you the ability to order weapons restricted in your area. 

At this time, you will likely be asked to agree to an online ordering waiver. Then, you will complete the checkout process. This includes paying for your order. 

2. Paying Additional Fees

When you pay for your instock guns, you may notice additional state or local fees that you will be asked to pay. This is part of the reason you entered your zip code during the order placing process. Any firearms you purchase online must be sent to a store in your home state to ensure you pay the proper fees. 

3. Following Specific Restrictions

When ordering a firearm online, you must be the end receiver of the weapon. You must also 18 years or older if purchasing a long gun or 21 if purchasing a pistol. 

Purchasing firearms has become so much easier now that you can buy them online. Many large stores are following this trend and will ship a firearm to a store near you. However, it is important to remember that you will still need to pay any additional fees and follow specific restrictions established in your state. 

4 Tips for Hosting a Bachelorette Party

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Planning a bachelorette party can be overwhelming, but with these four tips, you can make it an easier experience that becomes a fantastic night celebrating a bride-to-be.

Bachelorette Party

Plan Flexibly.

The best-laid plans can often go astray, so it is important to plan the bachelorette party with plenty of flexibility. Downtime in between events is an easy way to leave time available for last-minute surprises, unplanned food runs, or late nights that turn into lazy mornings.

No One Should Drive.

Bachelorette parties are a great excuse for a fun night on the town with friends, so you need to make sure everyone parties with a plan. Don’t let any of the guests drive home (or drive anywhere) if they have enjoyed too much alcohol. Hiring a limo service NYC or being in charge of requesting rideshares is one of the most responsible decisions you can make as the host of a bachelorette party.

Feed Everyone First.

Whether it’s a taco spread, plated appetizers, or a dessert bar, you should make a hearty effort to feed everyone. Try to keep in mind your guests’ dietary restrictions, like allergies or lifestyle decisions; that way everyone will have something they can enjoy safely. The guest of honor should definitely have the final word on the main parts of the party menu.

Create Atmosphere.

Although you don’t need to decorate for a bachelorette party like you would a children’s birthday party, there is nothing wrong with creating a little atmosphere. Party supply stores sell plenty of fun themed decorations. You could also set out accessories for a makeshift photo booth; the bachelorette may appreciate copies of the pictures as a souvenir.

At the end of the day, a bachelorette party is for the bride, so you should adhere to her comfort level and plan a party that she will enjoy and remember fondly.

Top 3 Reasons To Treat Yourself to a Facial

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If you’ve been feeling stressed out lately or think your skin could use some rejuvenation, you may have thought about treating yourself to facials Palm Springs CA. While they might seem like a luxury, getting a facial can actually help lower your stress levels, improve your self-confidence and bolster your well-being by giving you some time to yourself and a fresh look to boot. If you’re on the fence about whether you should splurge and get a facial sometime, here are a few of the benefits of facials that you should consider.

1. You Can Access Professional Advice

When you apply a face mask at home, you may not be using the right ingredients, products or techniques for your specific skin type and concerns. On the other hand, when you go to a spa or clinic for a facial, you can access advice from professional aestheticians or dermatologists about what would work best for your individual needs. Additionally, the products used in a facial are likely to be professional-grade and therefore stronger and more effective than the products available over-the-counter for use at home.

2. Professionals May Spot Cancer Early

If you go to a dermatologist’s office for your facial, you may get the added benefit of a skin cancer screening while you’re there. Skin cancer is sadly relatively common, especially among people who spend a lot of time outdoors without sunscreen. Thankfully, early detection gives you the best possible shot at recovery.

3. You Can Improve Your Complexion

Finally, one of the best benefits of facials is that they can address skin concerns that you have and help improve the appearance of your complexion. For instance, dehydrated skin types may benefit from hydrating facials, while textured skin may benefit from microdermabrasion.

If your complexion is beginning to reflect your busy week, you may want to consider treating yourself to a relaxing, rejuvenating facial. It could be the perfect solution to getting some me-time and a glowing complexion all in one go.