How To Lose Weight Without Surgery

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As the rate of obesity rises in the United States, millions of people struggle to shed unwanted pounds. Whether they want to or not, many weight loss candidates reluctantly choose surgery in order to get rid of excess pounds. They do so with the hopes of staying thinner long term.
That said, you don’t have to resort to weight loss surgery even if you are having a lot of trouble losing weight. There are safer, less drastic, and more innovative ways to get rid of stubborn fat.

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Change Your Diet

It’s often easier said than done, but it is possible to lose a lot of weight just by changing what you eat. Instead of trying temporary fad diets, however, try to change your eating habits over time. Incorporate more protein and fewer processed carbs, for example. You can lose weight by achieving a sustainable healthy diet over a span of a year or more.

Walk Constantly

Even if you cannot exercise due to injury, a chronic health condition or just a lack of motivation, you can shed pounds simply by walking. You don’t need to do any strenuous activity. Just use a pedometer or a smart activity tracker to count your steps. In order to shed weight steadily, you should aim for about ten thousand steps per day.

Try Body Sculpting

Instead of resorting to surgery to get rid of stubborn subcutaneous fat, perhaps you may want to embrace technology and try body sculpting. When you go to see an Emsculpt Neo specialist Florida, he or she will use lasers and other innovative technology to burn and destroy fat cells. The damaged fat cells are then gently withdrawn from your body. You can get rid of up to 30 percent of your subcutaneous fat with an approach like body sculpting.

There is no one right way to lose weight. That said, if you make an effort to walk, eat healthier over time and make use of the latest weight loss science, you can avoid weight loss surgery. Each weight loss surgery available today is far more invasive than any of the above approaches.

Tips to Make Your Puppy Healthy and Happy

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When you bring a new puppy into your family you’re taking on a lot of responsibility. Caring for a new puppy involves meticulous attention to their health and wellbeing. Here are important tips to give your puppy a great start in life that you should start thinking about before you bring home your furry bundle of joy.

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Start Training Early

Start training your puppy as soon as reasonably possible. It’s a good way to bond with your puppy while keeping him or her mentally stimulated. Remember that you’ll need to be very patient. Puppies won’t magically pick up everything that they need to learn right away. Some breeds are more trainable than others. Even some highly intelligent dogs may be resistant to training. For the most part, however, smart dog breeds are easier to train. Shepherds and labs are highly trainable and are popular choices as service canines. 

A breeder may be a good resource for information about training.  If you’re looking for german shepherd puppies for sale Miami, reach out to a breeder who can offer you some practical insight into what training this breed is like.

Get Pet Insurance

Puppies need a lot of medical attention within their first year. They will need to get several rounds of vaccinations and also go through deworming. It may be necessary to see the vet every few weeks over the first few months. Pet insurance can help to pay for all of the essential care that your puppy needs in order to grow up healthy and strong.

Ultimately, you and your new family member may need some time to get used to each other. A puppy is much like a toddler insofar as they are full of energy and may become easily fussy or frustrated. Be patient, give your puppy a fulfilling environment, and show him or her lots of love.

Take a Trip to the Texas Gulf Coast

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When you think about Texas, you probably picture a Western movie landscape of sagebrush and tumbleweeds. However, much of South Texas borders the Gulf of Mexico. Far from a desert, the Gulf Coast boasts vacation vistas of unbounded blue water against white sand beaches. Stretching for 367 miles, the Texas coast has attractions equal to any on the Gulf.


Situated 50 miles south of Houston, the island city of Galveston is one of the most historic locations in Texas. A booming port and resort since the 1800s, downtown Galveston is renowned for its Victorian architecture. Old mansions have been made into hotels or museums, while renovated storefronts house artists’ studios, unique eateries and boutique businesses. Meanwhile, the Galveston waterfront hosts a permanent carnival, along with other family entertainments. A guided tour of Galveston via charter bus Galveston Island TX is a great way to get acquainted with the city, its sites and its history.

Padre Island

Besides Galveston Island, Texas’s Gulf Coast is lined with similar barrier islands, which protect the mainland from the worst effects of hurricanes. By far the largest of these is Padre Island, measuring 113 miles from north to south and covering parts of five counties. Despite its prime location, much of the island remains undeveloped as Padre Island National Seashore, where visitors can view a variety of migratory birds and native sea turtles in a natural environment of sand dunes and salt flats. In contrast, South Padre Island is a magnet for snowbirds and Spring Breakers.

Corpus Christi

Just north of Padre Island, Corpus Christi is advertised as the “Sparkling City by the Sea.” Downtown Corpus Christi features a mix of modern and historic buildings, including several notable museums, as well as a monument to murdered musical icon Selena. Nearby North Beach is home to the Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington, a World War II aircraft carrier turned museum.

With a semitropical climate and so much to do, the Texas Gulf Coast is a perfect place for a holiday.

4 Things You Should Know About Commercial Cattle Diets

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From basic beef cattle nutrition to the demanding needs of dairy cows, both farmers and feed manufacturers must consider many factors about cows’ diets. This is because nutrition plays a major part in producing quality dairy and beef products, a fact that companies like BoviBox understands. Therefore, there are several facts people should know about commercial cattle diets. 

1. Farmers Worry About Their Cows’ Diets

Providing their animals with high-quality diets improves the health of farmers’ herds. Therefore, they tend to use nutrient-rich food to boost health and production. Farmers will also look for food that is resistant to mold, rot, spoilage, bacteria, and moisture so that they don’t have to worry about their cows eating bad food. 

2. Feed Manufacturers Worry About the Quality of Their Products

Feed manufacturers want to provide high-quality products and worry about things like shelf-life. They also strive to provide nutrient-rich food that can enhance health and production. This increases the value of their product and the animals that eat it. Manufacturers also strive to reduce their waste to protect the environment. 

3. Dairy Cows Need Proper Nutrition To Produce Milk

Dairy cows need specific food that provides the nutrition required to encourage milk production, digestion, and health. Because of this, dairy farmers will look for feed that has supplements and additives designed to increase milk yields, digestive function, and gut bacteria. The amount of food each dairy cow needs is based on breed, type of feed, and living environment. Cows in colder climates will require more food than those in warmer areas. 

4. Beef Cows With Good Diets Produce Better Meat

Beef cows need food that provides them with a lot of vitamins, minerals, and protein. This is because a good, nutrient-rich diet will produce better meat. Meeting these requirements is especially important for younger cows.  

The nutrition of commercial cattle is vital for farmers and feed manufacturers. Nutritional requirements can change depending on whether the herd is for milk or meat.

Redoing Your Rental Property to Bring In Steady Income

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Managing a rental property comes with advantages like a steady source of income. If, however, you’re having trouble keeping up with the competition in your area, you may need to make some changes to make your property the most desirable.

Rental Property

Redo the Floors

Floors take a lot of abuse, and if the previous several tenants had children or dogs, you may find that the floors bore the brunt of that. While you’re between renters, this might be the time to redo the flooring to make it sparkly and new. If you’re trying to attract a more high-end renter, consider putting in hardwood base shoe flooring Long Beach CA to create a luxurious classy look. If the neighborhood attracts young families, stick with something easy to clean like laminate.

Upgrade the Window Coverings

The standard window coverings on rentals and apartments are plastic miniblinds that break easily. The upside is that they can be purchased at any discount store and replaced inexpensively. The problem is that they look cheap. To attract a more look-conscious clientele to your rental property, begin replacing the miniblinds with shutters. You may not be able to afford to do them all at once as they do tend to be pricey. Start with the front of the house and add them to the master bedroom to get the most bang for your buck.

Create Curb Appeal

It’s usually easy to tell which houses on the blocks are rentals because of their lack of landscaping (and sometimes overgrown lawn). It doesn’t take much effort to plant a few colorful flowers in the front beds or around the trees. A little bit of landscaping goes a long way to create a positive first impression. That positive impression will lead to more interest in your property.

Making sure your property is steadily leased is not necessarily about having the cheapest rent in the neighborhood. Creating a rental that feels special and well cared for is the most important factor.