A Professional Photographer Was Needed

Dorika Sallai/ August 24, 2017/ General Article/ 0 comments

My daughter was briefly married when she was 19 years old, but the marriage ended in divorce within a few months because of a bad temper he had been hiding. She gave up on love after that, but there was a man at her work who was able to break through her barriers. Their love story is not the usual one, and it took a while to get to the point where he proposed marriage, but they both got there. That is how I found myself looking at different Nashville wedding photographers not that long ago.

When my daughter told me the day after he proposed, I couldn’t stop my tears. I was just so thrilled that she had finally opened her heart again to a happily ever after. It had taken well over 10 years for it to happen, and she knew that she was getting a real gem this time. She wanted a small wedding, and I agreed that it should only be close friends and family. She had went the big wedding route once before, and it had cost just too much money, regardless if the marriage would have lasted or not.

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One thing I did want though was for a professional photographer to take pictures of her special day. I knew that there would be family and friends taking their own pictures, but I also knew that none of them would be able to accurately capture the magic of the day. Only a professional with the right camera equipment would be able to do that, and also one with the right skill set and natural talent. I looked at quite a few portfolios online, and it did not take me long at all to find the one we wanted to use. I definitely made the right decision because we just looked at the first proof set, and I have never seen my daughter look so happy and beautiful in a picture before!

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