3 Guidelines for Purchasing Guns Online

Fodor Mauer/ November 20, 2020/ General Article/ 0 comments

You are now able to purchase firearms online from many stores. Often, when you purchase a gun online, it will ship to a store near you. Then, you will need to go pick it up after meeting any requirements. Be sure to follow these guidelines for a smooth online shopping experience.

1. Placing an Order

The first thing you will need to do is peruse the shop’s available firearm selection. When you find one you like, you will hit the order online option. You will be asked to enter your zip code and choose the store location closest to you. Remember that ordering your firearms online does not give you the ability to order weapons restricted in your area. 

At this time, you will likely be asked to agree to an online ordering waiver. Then, you will complete the checkout process. This includes paying for your order. 

2. Paying Additional Fees

When you pay for your instock guns, you may notice additional state or local fees that you will be asked to pay. This is part of the reason you entered your zip code during the order placing process. Any firearms you purchase online must be sent to a store in your home state to ensure you pay the proper fees. 

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3. Following Specific Restrictions

When ordering a firearm online, you must be the end receiver of the weapon. You must also 18 years or older if purchasing a long gun or 21 if purchasing a pistol. 

Purchasing firearms has become so much easier now that you can buy them online. Many large stores are following this trend and will ship a firearm to a store near you. However, it is important to remember that you will still need to pay any additional fees and follow specific restrictions established in your state. 

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