3 Different Types of Comedy Shows That Audiences Can Enjoy

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Some people new to the world of comedy might be surprised that it houses different genres. Performers base their delivery, storytelling and materials on these types, so no two shows are usually alike. Potential audiences can benefit from learning about some of these different comedy styles and finding the best fit for their preferences. 

Types of Comedy Shows

1. Anecdotal Comedy

One of the most common forms of comedy, especially in stand-up, is anecdotal comedy. In this genre, comics tell stories from their own lives and derive their humor from how they react to these events and how the audience could relate and connect to them. They sometimes embellish certain parts to make them more entertaining than they might be. This approach can sometimes transition into observational comedy, where they point out the absurdity in aspects of daily life.  

2. Character-Based Comedy

Some comic shows San Diego CA are tailored around one or multiple characters developed by the performers. The characters may have amusing personalities, quirks and interactions with other characters and situations that comedians use for humor. They can base them on exaggerated personality traits they possess or people that they know. Ventriloquism is a form of character comedy where the comics play the “straight man” to puppets that represent unique characters. 

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3. Improvisational Comedy

Unlike most other types of comedy, improvisational comedy, sometimes shortened to improv comedy, has multiple performers create jokes and skits on the spot, rather than plan them out before the show. They sometimes encourage the audience to pitch ideas for these scenes. Improv is divided into short-form, where comedians come up with unrelated scenes from multiple suggestions, and long-form, where they create a larger narrative from fewer prompts. 

Comedians specialize in different genres to entertain audiences with specific tastes. People can learn about these comedy categories and try them out to find something they will continuously enjoy.  

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