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Playing Violin may be a fun, but the poses and the positions needed for playing the instrument is not so amusing. Rather it is painful. You may undergo stiffness and stinging after practice.

Here you will find 11 quick-fix practices that will help you to learn violin feeling no pain.

  1. You may be a sincere violin player who pours out all your effort to learn the notes. But, never enjoy your learning or performance at the cost of your feet. You need to take some pressure off your feet. Wear cushioned shoes to give your foot good support.


  1. Never practice violin without cushioned carpet, especially if it is bare floor. You need to choose any corner of the house for daily practice. Set your music stand there to take off the stress the lower back.


  1. Though most people learn violin standing on the floor. However, if you feel stiff when playing, never falter to sit in. It is also useful to take turn between sitting and standing whenever you feel stiffness.


  1. Allow time between the sessions. It is good to achieve consistency but overdoing it causes exhaustion. At the beginning your body is not habituated with muscular flexibility that is necessary to play violin. Practice pace to ensure better performance. Soon after the violin stamina will increase with time, you will learn easily about “how much” and “how long” ideas.


  1. Take some stretch break. It is extremely important. Most often you will be carried away and wish to play for a long time. But make a stretch pause or stress break after some time. You can put your violin down and stretch your arms, neck, wrist, legs and shoulder. The stretching helps stopping injury and strain in different parts of the body.


  1. You breathe without any stop. It is going on silently by supplying us oxygen. We are hardly conscious of it. When you engross in music, you forget to breathe even. At the back of your head keep it alive that you must breathe normally during the during your practice session.


  1. During the training period the muscles of the neck and muscle get tensed. So be relaxed. Sometimes we don’t follow that we are in tense. So always remember to be relaxed. So take deep breath every after a few minutes. Always shed your tension during the playing violin.


  1. Whether you are standing or sitting, the proper posture is very important when you play violin. While in standing posture, keep your feet apart giving same load on each of the foot. Keep your tummy popped to escape the pressure on the lower back. While you are in sitting, spread out your feet apart so that foot rest on the floor.


  1. Height of the stand is another important faction that you should take proper care of. It precedes healthy practice. Some players ignore this and place their sheet on the desk or on the arms of the couch, or sometimes on the table. Never do this mistake. Instead purchase a stand matching to your height. It should be at the eye level, so that you need not bend your neck look at the sheet. Keep your head and spine always straight.


  1. Doing some workouts is essential in order to alleviate pain and aches. Not only that, it is also important to remove pain from your life also. Sit on yoga mat near the practice area and do some practice of yoga. Believe it or not, your body and mind will thank you so much.

Use all this tips to develop healthy habits and boost longevity and reduce pain.

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